Sleek, Slim, and Sophisticated Design. A functional work instrument with modern aesthetics. Designed with your unparalleled experience in mind

We Strive for exceptional comfort and beauty:

  • Superbly Slim Profile: Only 12.4mm at the Top and 9.4mm at the Bottom
  • Two Inclination Options: 2.5° and 7°

Anti-Slip Stability with Rubberized Feet and Perimeter Supports

Anodized Aluminum Body with a Luxurious Matte Texture

Seamless Integration of Physical Click Buttons which give you alternative way to make left and right clicks

1.2mm travel distance for the ultimate laptop keyboard Experience

  • Quiet, tactile, and low-profile keys
  • Intuitive standard layout for effortless transition

We’ve carefully combined color and texture to the top part of the device reminiscent of the splendor of a captivating Starry Sky effect

An LED indicator elegantly signals the keyboard mode: Green for touch and Blue for type

We have highlighted the touch area with elegant brackets to emphasise its significance (especially when backlight is off)

CLVX 1 is based on 6 granted patents and more than 10 patent applications as well as 6 years of engineering

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