TouchOnKeys® is the revolutionary technology behind touch-enabled keyboards. Developed by Clevetura LTD since 2017, CLVX 1 represents the pinnacle of the second generation of TouchOnKeys®

Software — TouchOnKeys® MCU (chip)

Hardware — Keyboard module with integrated touch sensor

Hardware features
  • All keys are based on reliable scissors mechanics. Stroke is 1.2 mm, pitch is 19 mm, pressing force is 60 g. All of these guarantee great typing feeling
  • Special ultra slippery coating for keycaps provides perfect touch feeling
  • TouchOnKeys® hardware structure plus software optimizations provides touch quality on a par with top modern touchpads
  • Physical Click Buttons provide alternative way to make clicks (expanding the click by tap with physical click ability)
  • A white rectangle highlights Touch Area, when backlight is off
  • A Blue/Green LED on the spacebar indicates Type/Touch modes and make it easier to get used into the concept
  • The facet on the 2nd row above the spacebar adds tactile separation of the Touch Area
  • Firmware updates
Software features
  • The Type and Touch modes are automatically switched by the TouchOnKeys® MCU. The end user doesn’t need to press any special key or perform a specific gesture to initiate the switching process. The TouchOnKeys® MCU filters typing gestures and prevents them from being sent to the operating system (OS)
  • TouchOnKeys® MCU supports PTP and has successfully passed applicable PTP tests
  • TouchOnKeys® hardware and software optimizations provide touch quality comparable to top modern touchpads
  • TouchOnKeys® MCU supports all Windows and Linux gestures, as well as new gestures like Touch Sliders and Touch Objects
  • Each user has their own typing style, which may result in unintentional gestures while typing. The TouchOnKeys® MCU learns the user’s typing behavior and makes internal optimizations based on it, delivering the best experience for each user
  • No special driver is required

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