Real work on Windows

Watch the video where we’re showing the actual workflow on CLVX 1 on Windows.

Tandem with mouse

Increase your productivity by working in tandem with a mouse.

Window management on Windows

Control windows and desktops with gestures on the touchpad inside the keyboard.

Web browsing

Type, scroll through the page, zoom in/out and control a pointer. Do that and much more without moving your hand to the mouse.

Word / Google Docs

Type, change fonts and colors, edit your text layout without a mouse.

Excel / Google sheets

Focus on data when you’re working with important calculations. Select cells, type and stretch formulas without moving your hand from the keyboard.


Be creative and don’t lose any more second on switching input devices.


Switch between chats, type and send emoji using only your CLVX 1 keyboard.

Premiere Pro

Create spectacular videos using only your skills and the keyboard.


Focus on your code. Be more productive without moving your hand to the mouse.


Supports all gestures compatible with your operating system (refer to compatibility details).